Our customers have been asking for it and HERE IT IS AT LAST! The UPR Products Dual Valve Oil Separating System for late model GM trucks like the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra. It will fit other models with the popular 5.3L engine as well. The Catch Can Guys here at RX Speed Works love the UPR products because no other kit installs as easy and looks so pretty.

So why do you need this kit for your GM truck? That’s simple and a two part answer. First there’s the obvious, it’s a direct injection engine and susceptible to valve coking which is the carbon build up on the valves. This can hinder fuel economy, performance and ultimately lead to catastrophic failure due to detonation but that’s rare.  Modern direct injection engines spray the fuel directly into the combustion chamber so the valves aren’t “washed” clean by the fuel. Then extremely high temperatures bake the combustion by-product known as blow-by onto the valves which is where the catch can comes in.

On most of the well designed engines coming out of GM these days there is a PCV valve that allows the crankcase to relieve pressure by using intake manifold vacuum to open it. They also vent the valve covers with some nice neat plumbing however the PCV and the valve cover vent lines all dump the oil vapor into the intake. The internal combustion engine is nothing more than an air pump and you can think of the intake as the nostrils. We love our trucks and the last thing we want them to do is breath the foul vapor produced during combustion right into their lungs. On the 5.3L you have two vent hoses, one on each valve cover that run to the air box plenum or cold air intake if you’ve made the upgrade. Add those to the PCV to intake manifold connection and you have three points of ingestion. This kit, once installed eliminates the major one. The PCV to intake manifold. If you want to deal with all three then you want the other version of this kit (search: UPR-5030-168-CSS here in the site). That includes a Valve Cover Vent Eliminator Hose and the clean side separator. This kit is the best bang for the buck and some might argue the benefits of the Valve Cover Vent Eliminator Hose and CSS are marginal.


  •  12 ounce capacity
  •  Show Quality Finish
  •  Can measures 6″ x 3″
  •  Nickel T fittings & Drain Cock
  •  Prevents Oil from Entering Intake
  •  Exclusive 4 Chamber Design Traps Oil
  •  High Quality CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  •  Plug N Play ™ fittings for can connections
  •  Improves Fuel Economy, Throttle Response & Performance
  •  5/8″ Oil Resistant Goodyear Braided Hose included
  •  Available in Satin or Black – Select Finish Above
  •   Installs in 30 – 45 minutes
  •  FITS: 2014 2015 2016 2017 GM GMC Chevrolet Silverado 5.3L LS Trucks



  •  Nickel Drain Cock
  •  Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  •  5/8″ Continental Braided Hoses
  •  Billet Hose Ends with Clamps
  •  Hi-Flo Billet Check Valves (2 PCS)
  •  Plug N Play ™ quick release connectors & billet fittings
  •  Dual Valve Billet Catch Can (Exclusive 4 Chamber Design)



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Black, Satin, Polished


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