Dual Valve Catch Can with Clean Side Separator for 2011-2014 F-150 EcoBoost (Engine Bay Mount)

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Product Description

One of our most popular customers is the 2011-2014 Ford F-150 EcoBoost owners. The Catch Can Guys (yes I spoke in 3rd person) only sell the best oil separating systems on the market and this is one of the best!  An oil catch can needs to catch what it keeps and this system does it on both the drivers and passengers side for maximum efficiency.

The reason why the 2011-2014 F-150 EcoBoost owner is our number one customer is due to some issues inherent with the CAC (Charged Air Cooler) and the fact that it’s GDI. These two things make it highly susceptible to valve coking and with excessive moisture being pushed into the combustion chamber at boost, the Shudder or Stutter. In some severe cases even “Limp Mode” which shuts your engine down during normal operating conditions. This is due to water that has collected in the CAC being pushed into the combustion chamber during hard acceleration and snuffing out the spark. As you can imagine this is terrible for the plugs and a real nightmare scenario. The valve coking is a totally different animal all together and all GDI engines need a catch can for that reason alone. UPR utilizes a dual valve catch can, in other words it has two vacuum fittings to ensure full time evacuation of the crank case. This system also includes a clean side separator so that the crank case gets filtered fresh air while alleviating air flow restrictions. Even more importantly the internal filters allow the crank case to breathe without allowing oil vapors to escape and make their way to the intake tract.

UPR includes everything you need for your Plug n Play installation. They are known for their fit and finish, truly second to none, you really get what you pay for with these guys so… The Catch Can Guys approve! 3rd person again? MY BAD.  The UPR oil separating catch can system for the 2014 and below F-150 EcoBoost comes with hose cut to length and Ford OEM style quick release fittings on the ends.


So… what’s on the inside?

The boys & Girls at UPR don’t play. This dual valve triple threat three stage internal coalescing and baffling system gets it done with the highest of quality in construction and design. A catch can should do just that, catch! Next it next to keep what it catches and only a properly designed catch can will be able to do that. Work hard and look pretty, that’s what you get when you’re constructed out of 6061 billet aluminum with a satin finish.



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Black, Satin, Polished

1 review for Dual Valve Catch Can with Clean Side Separator for 2011-2014 F-150 EcoBoost (Engine Bay Mount)

  1. Brian Cramer
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The quality of workmanship is amazing! Even better was the service I received with these guys. I buy almost everything online and rarely leave a review unless I’m really impressed. These folks are top notch.

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